Flag of Ingushetia (GIF)

Ingushetia is a federal region (republic) of Russia located in the North Caucasus. Its capital is Magas, its population is about 467,000, and its area is 4,000 km².

The flag of Ingushetia consists of a red triskelion symbol centered on a white background with narrow green horizontal lines at the top and bottom. The red color represents the struggle of the Ingush people for their existence and the defense of their homeland. White symbolizes the divine purity of thoughts, and green is the symbol of Islam. The solar emblem represents the sun and the universe, and also awareness of the oneness of the spirit in the past, present, and future. The height-to-width ratio of the flag is 2:3, and the flag was adopted in 1994.

Keywords: Flag of Ingushetia (Russian: Флаг Ингушетии), GIF

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