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The flag of Komi (Komi: Коми Республикаса дӧрапас; Russian: Флаг коми) is a visually striking tricolor, composed of three horizontal stripes in blue, green, and white from top to bottom. Each color holds profound symbolism, reflecting the region's cultural identity and natural beauty. The blue stripe signifies the celestial expanse, portraying the grandeur and vastness of the northern landscapes. The green stripe, representing hope and abundance, is emblematic of the expansive taiga massifs that dominate Komi's land, particularly Parma, a vital living environment for the Komi people. The white stripe, symbolizing the purity of snow and the stark beauty of northern nature, conveys the republic's northern position. Alternatively, white signifies the purity of the nation, the equality of its diverse peoples, and the unity of their cultures. Together, these elements on the Komi flag create a harmonious representation of the region's natural wealth, cultural unity, and its unique place within the northern reaches of the Russian Federation.

Adopted:December 17 , 1997
Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)

Komi, a republic and federal subject of Russia nestled in the northern expanse of the country, is marked by its pristine landscapes and rich cultural heritage. Syktyvkar, the capital and largest city, serves as the administrative and cultural heart of the republic. With a population of around 901,189 (2010) people, Komi is home to a diverse mix of ethnicities, including the Komi people, Russians, and other minority groups. The region's economy is characterized by industries such as forestry, mining, and energy production, with vast expanses of taiga covering the land. The Komi Republic is known for its commitment to preserving its cultural traditions, evident in its vibrant folklore, traditional arts, and festivals. As part of the Russian Federation, Komi plays a significant role in contributing to the nation's economic landscape while maintaining its unique identity within the broader cultural mosaic of Russia.

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