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The flag of Karelia (Karelian: Karjalan tazavallan valdivolline flagu; Russian: Флаг Карелии) is a vibrant representation of the region's cultural heritage and natural beauty, featuring three equal horizontal stripes in red, blue, and green. The red stripe, inspired by traditional Karelian embroidery, symbolizes the strength and courage of the people, showcasing a connection to cultural traditions with red on white. The blue stripe represents the region's numerous lakes and rivers, embodying the concepts of greatness and beauty. Meanwhile, the green stripe, evoking the lush natural landscapes and vegetation that characterize Karelia, serves as a symbol of hope and faith in happiness. Together, these colors on the flag encapsulate the essence of Karelia, highlighting its rich cultural history, the magnificence of its water bodies, and the significance of its natural resources in shaping the aspirations and identity of the republic.

Adopted:February 16 , 1993
Designed by:A. I. Kinnear
Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)

Karelia, a republic and federal subject of Russia situated in the northwest of the country, is renowned for its stunning natural landscapes and rich cultural heritage. The capital of Karelia is Petrozavodsk, a city with historical significance and a cultural hub for the region. With a population of around 643,548 (2010) people, Karelia encompasses a diverse demographic fabric, including ethnic groups such as Russians, Karelians, and Finns. The region's picturesque landscapes, characterized by numerous lakes and dense forests, contribute to its appeal as a destination for nature enthusiasts and outdoor activities. Karelia's economy is supported by sectors such as forestry, manufacturing, and tourism, with attractions like the Kizhi Pogost, a UNESCO World Heritage site, showcasing its historical and architectural treasures. The republic places a strong emphasis on preserving its cultural traditions, evident in its vibrant folk arts, music, and festivals, making Karelia a unique and culturally significant entity within the Russian Federation.

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