Flag of Nouvelle-Aquitaine (GIF)

The flag of Nouvelle-Aquitaine (French: Drapeau de la Nouvelle-Aquitaine) is characterized by a pristine white backdrop adorned with three vertically oriented wavy blue lines on the left side, alongside a prominent depiction of a red lion positioned on the right. The design draws upon the historical lineage of the Dukes of Gascony and Guyenne, particularly prior to the reign of Richard the Lionheart, serving as an inspiration for the region's heraldic symbolism. The inclusion of the red lion, a longstanding emblem throughout the neo-Aquitaine territory since the 11th century, reflects the historical significance and regional identity associated with the area. Additionally, the blue wavy lines on the flag symbolize Aquitania, derived from the Latin term "land of waters," paying homage to the region's geographical and hydrological characteristics. The flag of Nouvelle-Aquitaine stands as a vibrant representation of the region's historical legacy, cultural heritage, and geographical essence.

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Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the largest region in France, is celebrated for its diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant local traditions. The administrative center of Nouvelle-Aquitaine is Bordeaux, a renowned city renowned for its wine production and stunning architecture, which serves as the thriving hub of the region. With a population of over 5.987 million (2019) inhabitants, Nouvelle-Aquitaine is home to a dynamic mix of urban centers, picturesque coastal towns, and idyllic rural communities. The region captivates visitors with its breathtaking Atlantic beaches, lush vineyards, and picturesque valleys, including the scenic Dordogne Valley. Nouvelle-Aquitaine is esteemed for its esteemed wine culture, delectable culinary specialties, such as foie gras and truffles, and its historical landmarks, such as the prehistoric cave paintings in Lascaux and the elegant Cognac houses. The region's vibrant cultural festivals, robust agricultural industry, and thriving tourism sector all contribute to its vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

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