Flag of Udmurtia (GIF)

The flag of Udmurtia (Udmurt: Удмуртилэн флагез; Russian: Флаг Удмуртии) is a striking tricolor composition with meaningful symbolism. Comprising vertical black, white, and red stripes of equal width, the flag features a distinctive eight-pointed solar sign positioned at the center of the white stripe. The colors carry profound meanings: black symbolizes the earth and stability, red represents the sun and the essence of life, and white embodies the vastness of space and the purity of moral principles. The eight-pointed solar sign, revered as a talisman, is steeped in legend as a protective symbol, warding off misfortunes for those under its influence. This intricate design on the Udmurtia flag reflects the region's connection to nature, cultural traditions, and belief in symbolic protection, creating a visually striking representation of Udmurt identity and heritage.

Adopted:November 4, 1993
Designed by:Yuri Lobanov
Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)

Udmurtia, a republic and federal subject of Russia located in the Volga Federal District, is characterized by its rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes. The capital city, Izhevsk, serves as the administrative and industrial center of the republic. With a population of over 1.521 million (2010) people, Udmurtia is home to a blend of ethnicities, with the Udmurts and Russians forming the majority. The region's economy is marked by industries such as manufacturing, engineering, and agriculture. Udmurtia is known for its commitment to preserving cultural traditions, evident in vibrant folklore, music, and festivals celebrating the unique identity of the Udmurt people. The republic's picturesque landscapes, including the Ural Mountains and the Kama River, contribute to its natural allure. As an integral part of the Russian Federation, Udmurtia plays a significant role in contributing to the nation's cultural mosaic while maintaining its distinctive traditions within the broader fabric of Russia's diverse cultural landscape.

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