Flag of Sevastopol (GIF)

The flag of Sevastopol (Ukrainian: Прапор Севастополя; Russian: Флаг Севастополя), a city with significant historical and maritime importance, is characterized by a bold red background displaying the city's former coat of arms at its center. The coat of arms is divided diagonally, with an azure field representing the sea and a white field symbolizing the white stone of Inkerman, two vital elements of Sevastopol's identity. The azure field features a silhouette of the Monument to the Sunken Ships, paying homage to the city's maritime heritage, while the white field contains a Gold Star medal, a poignant symbol of the city's bravery and resilience during the Second World War. A golden laurel branch stretching between the two fields signifies victory and honor. Please note that after the 2014 annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation, the city no longer had an official coat of arms, reflecting a change in the symbolism of the flag.

Adopted:April 21, 2000
Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)

Sevastopol, a historic city with strategic importance situated on the Crimean Peninsula, is renowned for its rich maritime heritage, scenic landscapes, and significant cultural legacy. Although it serves as a federal city of the Russian Federation, it remains a subject of ongoing dispute between Russia and Ukraine. With a population of over 547,820 (2021) inhabitants, Sevastopol stands as a vibrant hub of military and naval significance, boasting a rich history dating back to ancient times. The city's picturesque coastline, encompassing the stunning Black Sea and the magnificent natural beauty of the Crimean Mountains, attracts visitors and locals alike. Sevastopol is celebrated for its pivotal role in the Crimean War and the Second World War, with numerous monuments and memorials commemorating its enduring spirit and resilience. Despite its complex political status, Sevastopol continues to embody a unique blend of historical significance, natural beauty, and a proud military tradition, underscoring its enduring importance in the region.

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