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The flag of Khakassia (Russian: Флаг Хакасии; Khakas: Хакас Республиказың Флаг) is a visually striking representation of the region's cultural identity and connection to the Russian Federation. It features a green vertical band on the left with a traditional yellow sun emblem, symbolizing the universe and highlighting Khakassia's unique heritage. Three horizontal bands of blue, white, and red correspond to the colors of the State Flag of the Russian Federation, emphasizing the republic's status as a subject within the larger federation. The green band, representing the eternity of life, revival, and unity of Khakassian peoples, is also a nod to the traditional color of Siberia. The yellow sun emblem pays homage to generations of Khakassian inhabitants, as it was historically used on stone sculptures found exclusively within the region. Together, these elements on the flag create a harmonious representation of Khakassia's cultural richness, historical significance, and its integral place within the diverse mosaic of the Russian Federation.

Adopted:September 25, 2003
Designed by:Gennady Afrikanovich Vyatkin,
Sergey Andreevich Donskov
Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)

Khakassia, a republic and federal subject of Russia located in Siberia, boasts a unique cultural identity and picturesque landscapes. Its capital, Abakan, serves as the administrative and cultural center of the region. With a population of around 532,403 (2010) people, Khakassia is home to a diverse mix of ethnic groups, including Russians, Khakassians, and other indigenous peoples. The region's economy is supported by industries such as agriculture, forestry, and mining, with a focus on timber production and mining activities. Khakassia's natural beauty, characterized by dense forests, scenic mountains, and the Yenisei River, attracts nature enthusiasts and tourists seeking outdoor adventures. The republic also takes pride in preserving its cultural traditions, visible in its vibrant folk arts, music, and festivals, making Khakassia a distinctive and culturally rich entity within the vast landscape of Siberia and Russia.

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