Flag of Altai (GIF)

The flag of Altai (Russian: Флаг Алтай) is characterized by a simple yet meaningful design, featuring four stripes of varying heights in shades of sky blue and white. The white stripes symbolize the concept of infinity, reflecting the enduring spirit of the region and the collective aspirations for continual progress and growth. It also represents the unity and harmony among the diverse peoples of the republic. On the other hand, the sky blue stripes evoke the pristine purity of the natural environment, paying homage to the majestic mountains, winding rivers, and serene lakes that define the scenic landscapes of Altai. Additionally, the blue hues represent the vast expanse of the heavens, underscoring the spiritual significance attributed to the region's awe-inspiring natural beauty. The flag of Altai serves as a poignant emblem of the region's harmonious coexistence with nature, its cultural diversity, and its enduring commitment to progress and unity.

Adopted:July 2, 1992
Designed by:Vladimir Chukuyev
Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)

Altai, a republic in southern Siberia, Russia, is renowned for its breathtaking natural landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and diverse ethnic communities. The capital of Altai is Gorno-Altaysk, a bustling town nestled amidst the picturesque Altai Mountains, serving as the administrative and cultural hub of the region. With a population of around 210,924 (2021) inhabitants, Altai is home to a diverse demographic, including the Altaians, Russians, and other ethnic groups, reflecting the region's cultural tapestry and ethnic diversity. The area's stunning natural beauty, characterized by snow-capped peaks, verdant forests, and pristine rivers, attracts nature enthusiasts, hikers, and eco-tourists from around the world. Altai's cultural identity is vividly displayed through its traditional music, vibrant festivals, and rich folklore, showcasing the resilience and enduring spirit of its people. The region's commitment to preserving its natural beauty, cultural heritage, and ethnic diversity underscores its unique charm and appeal, making Altai a captivating destination for cultural exploration and nature-based tourism in the heart of Siberia.

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