Bavaria Flag GIF (Bayern-Flagge)

The waving striped flag of Bavaria (Animated GIF) (Bayern-Flagge)
The striped Bavarian flag
(German: Streifenflagge)

The Bavarian flag (German: Flagge Bayern) is officially of two types: the striped type and the lozenge type. Both flags are white and blue without a coat of arms. The striped type is a bicolor of white over blue. The lozenge type consists of 21 or more lozenges of blue and white. The height-to-width ratios of both flags are 3:5. The striped flag was adopted in the past, while the lozenge type was adopted in 1953.

The waving lozenge flag of Bavaria (Animated GIF)
Lozenge Bavarian flag
(German: Rautenflagge)

Bavaria, officially known as the Free State of Bavaria, is a federal state of Germany. Its capital is Munich; its population is about 13.08 million (2019); and its area is 70,552 km².

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