Flags of Baden-Württemberg (GIF)

The waving civil flag of Baden-Württemberg (Animated GIF)
The civil flag of Baden-Württemberg
(German: Landesflagge)

Baden-Württemberg is a state in southwest Germany. Its capital is Stuttgart, its population is approximately 10,755,000, and its area is 35,752 km². The Baden-Württemberg flag is a two-color flag consisting of two horizontal black and gold stripes. There is a state coat of arms centered on the state flag. The coat of arms shows three black lions with red tongues inside a golden shield. At the top of the shield is a crown with badges of the historical coat of arms of Baden, Württemberg, Hohenzollern, Palatinate, Franconia, and Further Austria.

The waving state flag of Baden-Württemberg (Animated GIF)
The state flag of Baden-Württemberg
(German: Landesdienstflagge)

The civil flag was adopted on November 11, 1953, and the state flag was adopted on September 29, 1954. The height-to-width ratio of flags is 3:5.

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