Baden-Württemberg Flag GIF (Baden-württembergische Flagge)

The waving civil flag of Baden-Württemberg (Animated GIF) (Baden-württembergische Flagge)
The civil flag of Baden-Württemberg
(German: Landesflagge)

The Baden-Württemberg flag (German: Flagge Baden-Württembergs) is a two-color flag consisting of two horizontal black and gold stripes. There is a state coat of arms centered on the state flag. The coat of arms shows three black lions with red tongues inside a golden shield. At the top of the shield is a crown with badges of the historical coats of arms of Baden, Württemberg, Hohenzollern, the Palatinate, Franconia, and Further Austria. The civil flag was adopted on November 11, 1953, and the state flag was adopted on September 29, 1954. The height-to-width ratio of flags is 3:5.

The waving state flag of Baden-Württemberg (Animated GIF)
The state flag of Baden-Württemberg
(German: Landesdienstflagge)

Baden-Württemberg is a state in southwest Germany. Its capital is Stuttgart; its population is approximately 11.07 million (2019); and its area is 35,752 km².

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