Flag of the Northern Mariana Islands (GIF)

The flag of the Northern Mariana Islands is composed of three significant symbols on a blue background. These symbols include a large white, five-pointed star, symbolizing the connection to the United States; a traditional Chamorro latte stone, reflecting the indigenous culture of the Chamorro people; and a mwarmwar, a decorative wreath composed of local flowers, representing the Carolinian community. The blue backdrop signifies the vastness of the Pacific Ocean and the Mariana Trench. Together, these elements encapsulate the diverse cultural heritage and geographical significance of the Northern Mariana Islands, emphasizing its historical ties to both the United States and its indigenous peoples.

Adopted:July 1985
Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)
Flag emoji code:🇲🇵

The Northern Mariana Islands is a United States commonwealth situated in the western Pacific Ocean, comprising 14 islands with Saipan as its capital. With a population of approximately 57,910 (2021) people, the territory boasts a unique blend of Chamorro, Carolinian, and other Pacific Islander cultures, influenced by its complex colonial history. The economy primarily relies on tourism, garment manufacturing, and a growing financial services sector. The islands are known for their picturesque landscapes, including pristine beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and historical sites such as World War II battlefields, which attract tourists from around the globe. The Northern Mariana Islands also maintain a significant strategic military presence, hosting various U.S. military installations.

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