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The flag of Lower Saxony (German: Flagge Niedersachsens) is based on the flag of the Federal Republic of Germany, with the addition of the state's coat of arms positioned slightly to the left of the center. The coat of arms of Lower Saxony prominently features a white Saxon steed set against a red shield, serving as a heraldic motif that holds significant historical and cultural symbolism. The Saxon steed represents not only the Saxon people but also the ancient tribal duchy of Saxony and the various political entities that originated from it, particularly the Guelph territories. The presence of the Saxon steed on the flag thus serves as a powerful representation of Lower Saxony's historical legacy, cultural heritage, and its enduring connection to the broader historical and political narrative of the region.

Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)

Lower Saxony, a significant state in northwestern Germany, is renowned for its diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and thriving economic sectors. Its capital city is Hanover, a bustling metropolis known for its vibrant cultural scene, historic architecture, and annual trade fairs, including the renowned Hannover Messe. With a population of approximately 7.982 million (2019) people, Lower Saxony stands as the second most populous state in Germany, characterized by a mix of urban centers, charming towns, and picturesque rural areas. The state's economy is robust, encompassing sectors such as automotive manufacturing, agriculture, renewable energy, and maritime industries, with the port city of Bremen serving as a crucial maritime gateway for international trade. Lower Saxony's natural beauty is highlighted by the North Sea coast, the Harz Mountains, and the expansive Lüneburg Heath, offering an array of outdoor recreational activities and scenic destinations for tourists and locals alike. The state's rich history, diverse landscapes, and thriving economy solidify its position as a key cultural, economic, and geographical hub within Germany and Europe.

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