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The flag of Saarland (German: Flagge des Saarlandes) is distinguished by its design, featuring three horizontal stripes in black, red, and yellow, which mirror the colors of the German flag, with the state coat of arms positioned prominently at the center. The shield within the coat of arms is divided into four quarters, each representing different historical regions and influences within Saarland. The first quarter showcases the coat of arms of the prince of Nassau-Saarbrücken, featuring a silver lion with a golden crown set against a blue field, symbolizing the districts of Saarbrücken and Neunkirchen. The second quarter displays the coat of arms of the prince elector and archbishop of Trier, represented by a red three-dimensional symmetric cross, signifying the districts of Merzig-Wadern and St. Wendel. The third quarter depicts the coat of arms of the duchy of Lorraine, featuring three silver alerions on a red stripe against a yellow field, representing the district of Saarlouis. The fourth quarter, representing the Saarpfalz district, displays the coat of arms of the prince elector Palatinate, with a yellow lion rampant on a black field, emphasized by red claws and tongue. This intricate coat of arms and its incorporation into the flag of Saarland reflect the rich historical and cultural tapestry of the region, underscoring the diverse influences and identities that have shaped the state's heritage and character over the centuries.

Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)

Saarland, a state in western Germany, is renowned for its rich industrial history, scenic landscapes, and cultural heritage. The capital city is Saarbrücken, known for its historic landmarks, vibrant cultural scene, and its location on the border with France. With a population of approximately 990,509 (2019) people, Saarland stands as one of the smallest states in Germany, characterized by a mix of urban centers, picturesque towns, and verdant forests. The state's economy thrives on industries such as manufacturing, steel production, and automotive components, reflecting its industrial legacy and contribution to Germany's economic landscape. Saarland's natural beauty is highlighted by its charming river valleys, rolling hills, and lush forests, offering an array of outdoor recreational activities and scenic destinations for nature enthusiasts and travelers. The state's cultural heritage is evident in its well-preserved castles, museums, and historic sites, showcasing the region's historical significance and cultural contributions. Saarland's blend of industrial prowess, natural beauty, and cultural richness solidifies its position as a unique and cherished destination within Germany and Europe.

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