Flag of Uri (GIF)

The flag of Uri (German: Flagge von Uri; French: Drapeau d'Uri) features a distinctive design, comprising a striking yellow square field adorned with a prominent black bull's head accentuated by a vivid red nose ring. The utilization of the black and yellow colors is derived from the black eagle displayed on a yellow field, representing the esteemed Holy Roman Empire. The portrayal of the bull, specifically an aurochs, an extinct European bison, is a testament to the region's historical connection with the animal, believed to have been abundant in Uri and even domesticated by the local inhabitants, hence the inclusion of the nose ring. Moreover, to the original Helvetes (Celts), the bull served as a symbol of royalty and a representation of their revered deity, Cernunnos, further underscoring the deep historical and cultural significance associated with the flag of Uri.

Adopted:13th century
Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)

Uri, a canton situated in the heart of Switzerland, is celebrated for its stunning alpine landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and deep-rooted historical significance. The capital city of Uri is Altdorf, known for its charming historic architecture and picturesque mountain views. With a population of approximately 36,433 (2019) residents, Uri fosters a close-knit and vibrant community that contributes to its rich cultural tapestry and warm, welcoming atmosphere. The region's economy thrives in sectors such as tourism, agriculture, and small-scale industries, solidifying its position as a significant contributor to the overall economic landscape of Switzerland. Uri's strategic location amidst the majestic Swiss Alps further cements its status as a hub for outdoor recreation, traditional craftsmanship, and cultural exploration, attracting visitors and residents alike with its serene landscapes and rich historical attractions.

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