Nidwalden Flag GIF (Nidwaldner Flagge)

The flag of Nidwalden (German: Flagge von Nidwalden; French: Drapeau de Nidwald) is a red square flag with a double key centered on it. Since the beginning of the 15th century, Nidwalden has used the double key as the design of the war flag. The keys are an emblem of Saint Peter, the patron saint of the church of Stans. The red and white colors are thought to come from the Holy Roman Emperor. Also, these colors have biblical symbolism in the Bible, such as blood, passion, sacrifice (red), and purity, chastity, cleanliness, and hope (white).

Nidwalden is a Swiss canton in the center of Switzerland. Its capital is Stans; its population is about 43,223 (2019); and its area is 276 km².

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