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The flag of St. Gallen (German: Flagge von St. Gallen; French: Drapeau de Saint-Gall), characterized by a striking green square with prominent lictoral fasces, comprising an ax and a bundle of rods, carries a rich historical legacy and multifaceted symbolism. Originating as an ancient Roman symbol denoting the authority and power wielded by magistrates over matters of life and death, the lictoral fasces in the St. Gallen flag is interpreted as a representation of authority, justice, sovereignty, and unity. In the context of the flag's design, the color green, historically associated with notions of revolution and freedom, is often referred to as the "light green of the new order," emphasizing the region's spirit of progress and transformation. Furthermore, the arrangement of eight fasces, with five visible in the front and three concealed in the back, serves to symbolize the original eight districts of the Canton. The ribbon that ties the fasces symbolizes the unity and strength of the canton, drawing from the Roman symbolism that a single stick could be easily broken, but a bundled fagot (root of fasces) remained indestructible, emphasizing the enduring unity and resilience of St. Gallen.

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The canton of St. Gallen, also known as St. Gall or Sankt Gallen, situated in the northeastern part of Switzerland, is renowned for its stunning natural landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and thriving economic sectors. The capital city of St. Gallen shares the same name and is distinguished for its well-preserved historic architecture and vibrant cultural scene. With a population of approximately 507,697 (2019) residents, the canton of St. Gallen fosters a diverse and dynamic community, contributing to its rich cultural tapestry and lively social atmosphere. The region's economy thrives in various sectors, including textiles, manufacturing, and services, solidifying its position as a significant contributor to the overall economic landscape of Switzerland. St. Gallen's strategic location, coupled with its historical significance as a center for textiles and trade, makes it a crucial hub for commerce, culture, and education, attracting visitors and residents alike with its scenic landscapes and vibrant cultural offerings.

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