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The flag of Schwyz (German: Flagge von Schwyz; French: Drapeau de Schwytz), a striking red square with a white cross positioned in the upper left corner, bears a rich historical legacy and deep symbolic significance. Initially serving as the battle flag of the Holy Roman Empire, the vibrant red hue was emblematic of sovereignty and power, representing authority over life and death. The addition of the white cross, with its inherent Christian symbolism, further enhanced the flag's significance, eventually evolving into a symbol of the Swiss Confederation. The modern design featuring a cross in one corner was established in 1815, underscoring the enduring historical and cultural importance of Schwyz and its pivotal role within the context of Swiss history and identity.

Adopted:13th century
Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)

The canton of Schwyz, situated in the heart of Switzerland, is renowned for its stunning mountainous landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and deep-rooted historical significance. The capital city of Schwyz shares the same name and is celebrated for its well-preserved medieval architecture and scenic setting within the Swiss Plateau. With a population of approximately 159,165 (2019) residents, the canton of Schwyz fosters a dynamic and vibrant community that contributes to its rich cultural tapestry and lively social atmosphere. The region's economy thrives in sectors such as manufacturing, tourism, and agriculture, solidifying its position as a significant contributor to the overall economic landscape of Switzerland. Schwyz's strategic location amidst the majestic Swiss Alps further cements its status as a hub for outdoor recreation, traditional craftsmanship, and cultural heritage, attracting visitors and residents alike with its serene landscapes and historical significance.

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