Berlin Flag GIF (Berliner Flagge)

The waving civil flag of Berlin (Animated GIF) (Berliner Flagge)
The civil flag of Berlin
(German: Landesflagge)

The Berlin flag (German: Flagge Berlins) consists of three horizontal red, white, and red stripes and contains a bear to the left of the middle of the high white stripe. There's a Berlin coat of arms centered on the state flag. The coat of arms shows a black bear on a white shield with a special crown on top of the shield. The height-to-width ratio of the flags is 3:2, and the flags were adopted in 1954.

The waving state flag of Berlin (Animated GIF)
The State Flag of Berlin
(German: Landesdienstflagge)

Berlin is the capital and largest city of Germany and is also one of the founding states of Germany. Its population is approximately 3.645 million (2019), and its area is 892 km².

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