Bremen Flag GIF (Bremer Flagge)

The waving civil flag of Bremen (Animated GIF) (Bremer Flagge)
The civil flag of Bremen
(German: Bremer Landesflagge)

The Bremen flag (German: Flagge Bremens) consists of at least eight equal horizontal alternate red and white lines with a checkered pattern on the left. The civil flag does not have any coat of arms of the state. Bremen is a state in Germany. Its capital is Bremen; its population is approximately 682,986 (2019); and its area is 419 km².

The waving civil and state flag of Bremen (Animated GIF)
The civil and state flag of Bremen
(German: Bremer Dienstflagge)

The civil and state flags of Bremen contain a middle coat of arms in the middle of the flag. The coat of arms has a crown on top of a red shield with a silver key on it.

The waving state flag of Bremen (Animated GIF)
The state flag of Bremen
(German: Bremer Staatsflagge)

The state flag of Bremen shows the flag version of the coat of arms and usually consists of twelve stripes instead of eight. The coat of arms is basically a variant of the greater coat of arms, supported by lions. The height-to-width ratio of the flag is 3:2, and the flag was adopted in 1952.

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