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The flag of Zug (German: Flagge von Zug; French: Drapeau de Zoug) is characterized by its three horizontal stripes, arranged from top to bottom in white, blue, and white. The historical origins of the flag and coat of arms of Zug can be traced back to the counts of Lenzburg, whose heraldic emblem featured a blue disk set against a white background. Consequently, the design of the Zug flag and its accompanying coat of arms appear to have been influenced by the heraldic symbols associated with both the Habsburg and Lenzburg dynasties. While some sources attribute the color scheme to the neighboring cantons of Luzern and Zurich, the historical connection to the counts of Lenzburg underscores the canton's rich historical legacy and its enduring ties to the noble lineages that once governed the region.

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The canton of Zug, situated in central Switzerland, is renowned for its thriving economy, picturesque landscapes, and favorable business environment. The capital city of Zug shares the same name and is recognized as a significant financial hub, known for its favorable tax laws and its appeal to international businesses. With a population of approximately 126,837 (2019) residents, Zug fosters a dynamic and cosmopolitan community that contributes to its reputation as a prosperous and vibrant canton. The region's economy is primarily centered around industries such as finance, technology, and manufacturing, solidifying its position as a prominent contributor to Switzerland's overall economic landscape. Zug's strategic location along the shores of Lake Zug, coupled with its status as a prominent financial center and a hub for international businesses, continues to attract a diverse array of professionals and entrepreneurs, making it a vital destination for both business and leisure pursuits.

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