Obwalden Flag GIF (Obwaldner Flagge)

The Obwalden flag (German: Flagge von Obwalden; French: Drapeau d'Obwald) consists of two horizontal stripes, red and white, divided by a black line with a centered single key. The war flag of Obwalden was first recorded in 1309 and was only red and white; a single key, derived from the seal of Nidwalden, began to be used on the flag in the middle of the 13th century. The key is an emblem of Saint Peter, the patron saint of the church of Stans. The red and white colors are thought to represent the Holy Roman Emperor. Also, these colors have Biblical symbolism. While the red color symbolizes blood, passion, and sacrifice, the white color symbolizes purity, chastity, cleanliness, and hope.

Obwalden is a Swiss canton in the center of Switzerland. Its capital is Sarnen; its population is approximately 37,841 (2019); and its area is 491 km².

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