Flag of Appenzell Innerrhoden (GIF)

The flag of Appenzell Innerrhoden (German: Flagge von Appenzell Innerrhoden; French: Drapeau d'Appenzell Rhodes-Intérieures) features a powerful and iconic design, with a black bear depicted in an upright, walking position against a white square background. This flag is an homage to the historical roots of the canton, being identical to the coat of arms of the original canton of Appenzell before its division in 1597. The bear, sourced from the coat of arms of the Princely Abbey of St. Gallen, has a long-standing presence on the Appenzell banner, dating back to the early 15th century during the Appenzell Wars. Symbolizing strength, bravery, and masculine prowess, the black bear encapsulates the essence of power and resilience inherent to the people of Appenzell Innerrhoden, serving as an enduring emblem of the canton's enduring spirit and storied past.

Adopted:15th century (as Appenzell)
Flag image:Animated GIF (25 frames looped)

Appenzell Innerrhoden, a canton nestled in the northeast of Switzerland, is celebrated for its captivating alpine landscapes and rich cultural heritage. The capital city of Appenzell Innerrhoden is Appenzell, a picturesque town renowned for its well-preserved traditional architecture and deep-rooted local customs. With a modest population of approximately 16,145 (2019) residents, the canton fosters a close-knit community that values its strong connection to its historical traditions and heritage. Embracing a predominantly rural lifestyle, Appenzell Innerrhoden thrives on agriculture and small-scale industries, preserving its authentic charm and cultural identity in the face of modernity, making it a captivating blend of old-world tradition and contemporary living.

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